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Beauty Rooms


Our beauty rooms are of a very high standard to always make your treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Beauty Room I


This room has a relaxing ambiance for all massage & body treatments. We have added an electric blanket and a duvet for your relaxation and comfort, the couch is also electric so you won't be disturbed if we have to adjust the height of the bed during your treatment.


​The Victorian features of this newly refurbished old building are apparent with the sloping ceilings and thick window ledges and although the room is at the front of the building our triple glazing means you won't be disturbed.


Candles and relaxing music set the scene.

Beauty Room II


This room is mainly for waxing and treatments that need espically good daylight, such as make-up, lash or eyebrow tinting. The skylight window and a sloping roof provide great light yet total privacy for the client.


The room is also equipped with the same electric bed for ease of adjustment without disturbing the client during the treatment.


The skylight opens to provide a flow of fresh air, even on the hottest of summer days!

Main Salon / Nail Stations


Nail Treatments are carried out in the main Salon, this creates an atmosphere where conversation is easy. Clients can feel free to chat to their nail technician and other customers, away from the more relaxing treatments being carried out elsewhere in the salon.


This area is also where the princess party's are held, we can accomodate around 10 children and they have the space & freedom to dance around and enjoy themselves with their friends. The kitchen is also free to be used for the party.

Spray Tanning Area


We feel that having a spray tan should also be a good experience and be carried out in an area which is private, bright, spacious and warm.


Tanning can be a messy busy business so all our tanning is carried out in a double size shower cubicle, which can be rinsed quickly & easily between clients. This means that you always have a clean tan free area when you arrive and are no longer confined to a small room or cupboard with blackout walls, as in other salons.


A bright, light working area means, we can see perfectly how well your tan has turned out!

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